Prestige Spas is closing down

At Prestige Spas, we have been working hard and proudly serving our customers for over 30 years, but it’s now time to close our doors. After the end of March 2024 we will no longer have our iconic location on Centre Dandenong Road.

To help our customers smoothly transition get getting help elsewhere, we have put together this reference list and FAQ:

What happens with the warranty on my spa equipment?

All recent model Sapphire Spas we have delivered in the last 3 years will have SpaNet equipment on board. That includes pumps, blowers, heaters, control systems, wifi, touchpads, and lighting. If you can determine what the problem is with your hardware, you should be able to contact SpaNet directly to get support through them on 02 4587 7766.

What if I have an inground spa?

Inground spas have separate equipment plants located away from the spa, and may comprise equipment from several different manufacturers. If you can diagnose what the problem is and with which part, you can contact the manufacturer of that part. You can reach Davey, Astral, or Sensaheat directly for service. Please ensure you have your paperwork from the original order. If you cannot diagnose the problem yourself, you may need to pay a pool service technician to come out and take a look at it on site.

What if my problem is not with the equipment?

If you have a structural or plumbing problem and the spa is new or not very old, please contact the manufacturer of your spa. You can reach Sapphire Spas on 03 5941 4511 and HydraSpa on 03 5940 9955. If the spa is out of warranty see below.

What if my portable spa is out of warranty?

For out of warranty service, including diagnostic work if you are not sure if your spa has a hardware fault or is just not set up correctly, you can engage the services of a local spa service technician. We recommend giving Phil the Spa Professor a call on 0417 032 896. He is well versed in the SpaNet systems and will be happy to do any work you need done on site.

If you have an inground spa, the equipment will be more like regular pool equipment. You’ll need to speak to a pool shop that does onsite equipment servicing, or a mobile pool technician. Try Deb Murray on 0499 986 668.

If you have an issue with a pump and can take it in to a store to get it repaired, or you need to order Davey parts, speak to Jesse at Pumpco in Braeside on 03 9580 2592 and they can help you.

Heater and Spa Parts in Carrum Downs also have a lot of equipment parts and can work on gas heaters as well. Their number is 03 8593 7555.

Where can I get chemicals?

You can source Poppit spa chemicals through any Poppit dealer. There is a dealer list online or ask your local shop if they stock Poppits or deal with Waterco. If you are using Liquid Lithium you can buy it directly online or compatible chemicals through many local pool shops including:

If you need advice on chemicals you can usually ask the staff at these stores. Many shops also have service people that can come out and help you balance your water on site.

What resources are there to help me work on or configure my spa myself?